Emergency “Ephemera” backup

Edit (24/12/17): Wow! This is a blast from the past! Back in 2014, I’d planned to make a comic adaptation of an unpublished sci-fi/horror/thriller novella called “Ephemera” that I’d written a few years earlier. At the time, I’d planned to release it here (and on DeviantART) rather than on my main blog (mostly due to the gory violence, profanity etc.. in the comic).

However, I’d underestimated the amount of time and effort it would take me to adapt the story into a comic. So, exhausted by making the comic in addition to the daily updates on my main blog, I ended up abandoning it after 22 pages. Not only did this lead to this “uncensored” blog being abandoned, but it was also about another year or so before I started making comics regularly again. Yes, this is the comic that put me off of making comics for an entire year.

Still, when I was making this comic, I was really enthusiastic about it and, in a moment of paranoia about computer failure, I must have made this emergency backup post (scheduled for the distant year of 2017) and then forgotten about it after I’d abandoned the comic.

So, if you want to see the road not taken, then here it is….

Note: This comic is NOT released under any kind of creative commons licence.


An emergency backup of my “Ephemera” comic. Or what I’ve made of it so far…

2014 Artwork Ephemera Cover

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 1 high contrast

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 2

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 3

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 4

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 5

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 6

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 7

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 8

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 9

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 10

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 11

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 12

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 13

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 14

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 15

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 16

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 17

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 18

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 19

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 20

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 21

2014 Artwork Ephemera - Page 22

[NSFW] “Art In Real Life (Full Version)”

Well, here is the full and uncensored version of my “Art In Real Life” painting. This painting got started when I decided to try to practice painting nudes without copying old 19th century nude paintings and then it just kind of went in a rather comedic and slightly surreal direction…

Anyway, here’s the full version of the painting:

"Art In Real Life" By C. A. Brown

“Art In Real Life” By C. A. Brown

[Uncensored] Today’s Art (22nd February 2014)

Well, here are the uncensored versions of both nude paintings in today’s art post on my main blog.

Both of these paintings are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licence. “WNBR 2010 Photo Painting” should be attributed to Anemone Projects (the Creative Commons-licenced source photo is here) as well as to C.A.Brown. “Renoir Soleil” is a copy of this 19th Century painting by Renoir.

"Renoir Soliel" By C. A. Brown

“Renoir Soliel” By C. A. Brown

"WNBR 2010 Photo Painting" By C. A. Brown (source photo by Anemone Projects)

“WNBR 2010 Photo Painting” By C. A. Brown (source photo by Anemone Projects)

[NSFW] Art: “Olympia 2014” (Full Version)

Well, here’s the full and uncensored version of my parody/copy of Manet’s “Olympia“. Originally, I was just going to paint an ordinary copy of the painting, but then I thought about setting it in the modern day.

And, well, this also made me think about how nude art has changed over the years – since it almost always seems to alternate between being respectable and being daring or taboo.

But, these days, most of the times that people see depictions of nudity are in pornography (and it is usually associated with this and this alone in the popular imagination – not that there’s anything wrong with pornography though). And, once again (in Britain at least), nudity has become feared and taboo, yet extremely common at the same time.

Yes, I don’t usually post proper nudes on here, but since this is both a parody (in both the legal and commonly-used sense of the world) and it’s based on a well-known painting. I doubt that there would really be any issues with posting it on here.

"Olympia 2014" By C. A. Brown

“Olympia 2014” By C. A. Brown